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    Dental Phobia

    Many people find attending the dentist a challenging ordeal and would describe themselves as nervous or anxious. Some people find attending the dentist impossible and describe having an actual phobia of “the dentist” or some aspect of dentistry such as “the needle” or “the drill”.

    Anxiety is very common in the dentistry. Approximately 54% of individuals who regularly visit the dentist claim to feel some anxiety during some dental procedures, and the generally accepted proportion of people who have anxiety to the extent that it prevents them from going to the dentist is in the 8-12% range. The anxiety is found at all ages; more females than males admit to anxiety, although the true rate is likely evenly split between the sexes.

  • Why

    A number of factors can cause dental phobia, whether that be the dentist themselves, the instruments, past experiences or even simply general fear. Even though it is unique to each person dental phobia is something that we can help you with

    Visiting the dentist is crucial as we know that dental health is directly linked to your general overall health. When visiting us we want you to feel calm and at ease because we believe you deserve the best dental care possible. This will in turn, help you to avoid serious dental concerns.

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    How do we help?

    Dentistry has become patient friendly and comfortable over the years. The standard of care and options open to nervous patients have improved. This move by dentists to assist people with a fear of dentistry has resulted in most people having a comfortable experience of treatment.

    We have over 40 years of combined dental experience, and have helped thousands patients that would describe themselves as anxious patients,nervous patients or have a dental phobia  to achieve the smile they want.

    We have experience in helping the most nervous of patients past their fears by being sympathetic, caring, and very gentle.

    We regularly treat people who have not visited the dentist for many years, and feel they are a “hopeless case”. In so many cases it is not as bad as you think – there is no need to feel embarrassed. We understand, we’re professionals, we do not judge, we will have seen worse. The relief of knowing can be a heavy burden lifted.

  • Minimising phobia with Gentle Dentistry

    We maintain a relaxed atmosphere to compliment our gentle approach to dentistry. We want patients to feel safe and secure. In our view making the best out of relaxation techniques is just as important as expert clinical knowledge. Keeping our patients in a relaxed and safe mindset throughout their experience with us is crucial.

    speaking to the patient is one of the most important parts of this technique. This allows us and the patient to understand each other better and talk more about the processes involved. We can then take the patient through all the various stages and guide them on what they will feel and what they can expect during any treatment. We’ve found that this allows the patient to enter the clinic with more confidence in a dentist they know and  trust.


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    Keeping patients satisfied and calm whilst providing top class treatment is our number one priority and we pride ourselves on this. Whether it’s our relaxation techniques, caring customer service or our top of the range technology we know how to make you relax and guarantee that your visit will be both comfy and worthwhile.