Welcome to our cosmetic dental practice , a multi- award winning private clinic situated in Preston , Lancashire, offering a wide range of dental services. We are leaders in the field of dental implants, smile Makeovers and cosmetic dentistry. We also provide general dental services and oral hygiene services. Our cosmetic dentists are world renowned for their pioneering work in the area of extreme smile makeovers with full rehabilitations and dental implants . So whether you are looking for a dental practice to help care for your oral healthcare, or you have a complex dental problem, we are able to help.

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Award – Winning Dentists

We understand that you may be feeling anxious about your consultation or treatment and it’s our aim to put you at ease. Our dentists will take time to understand what is important to you about your dental care and what you would like to achieve. Sedation can be provided for patients who suffer with anxiety.

We know from many years of experience that patients often need reassurance and peace of mind to enable them to place their trust and confidence in their dentist before they embark upon a course of treatment. It may help you to know that our clinical team are amongst some of the most experienced and well qualified dentists in the U.K.

Our team approach provides access to a broad spectrum of expertise within the practice. This means your treatment, however complex, can usually be provided here. There is also a dental laboratory at the practice to ensure the finest restorative results are achieved.

The practice is one of a few dental clinics to have a CT Scanner on site. The scanner provides three dimensional images of the area scanned and that enables our dentists to plan treatment with meticulous precision.

A lifelong commitment to patient care ensures we provide consistent, appropriate and ethical treatments which will help our patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life. In fact we have looked after many generations of the same families over the years.