As a fast-growing dental practice with stylish new facilities, state of the art technologies and highly experienced and expert cosmetic dentists, we are excited to be bringing a new dawn of dentistry to Preston in Lancashire.

Passionate about dentistry, we believe in helping our valued patients look after and make the most of their smiles with a choice of high quality treatments in the most affordable and convenient way possible. We don’t want finance to be a barrier to our patients therefore we offer several payment options. Finance quotations can be given with treatment plans enabling you to make an informed choice, please ask for further details about any of the following payment methods:

Pay As You Go

This allows you to pay for the treatment you have received that day. We accept cash and most forms of credit and debit cards. Any subsequent treatment appointments can be made at your discretion.

0% Finance on Treatments over £1000

Gives you the freedom to have the treatment you want by spreading the cost over a maximum of 12 months interest free, allowing you to hold on to your well-earned savings. With our 0% facility you pay the cost of your dental treatment-no more and no less. Interest-free means just that!

Low Interest Payment Option

This attractive low interest rate is available over a longer term for treatments over £5000. This is suitable for patients wishing to spread their payments over 2 – 3 years in order to reduce their monthly outlay.

Personal Dental Membership Plan

We encourage preventive techniques – helping you to understand how to maintain the health of your mouth and keep it free from tooth decay and gum disease. We are therefore delighted to offer our Membership Plans which enables us to provide you with the preventative care and support necessary to control dental diseases and maintain your mouth to full fitness.

In return for a nominal monthly payment of £18.60 we provide you with a comprehensive programme of maintenance, prevention and treatment. Our exclusive dental membership plan offers additional benefits exclusive to members, including discounts on cosmetic treatment and dental Implants as well as worldwide dental accident and emergency cover.


Our modern health-promoting approach with continuing care means:

Fewer fillings
Less dental decay
Less likelihood of toothache
More attractive teeth
More choice
Reduced costs
Helping to keep your own teeth for life.


If you have any questions regarding our finance options please call us on 01772 – 726932