• Cosmetic Dentures

    Cosmetic Dentures

    Modern Solution For Missing Teeth

    Whether you are already a denture-wearer or facing the prospect of wearing dental dentures for the first time, you’ll appreciate the precision, craftsmanship and functionality of today’s cosmetic dentures. They’re comfortable, durable and much better fitting than traditional dentures. In fact, they offer better function with less worry over them coming loose while you are talking or eating.

    Over time, if you are wearing old dentures, you start to lose the bony structure that supports your soft tissues. Because your soft tissues make contact with your dentures, they too will also start to recede with the bone; this will leave you in a continuous state of adjustment, discomfort and difficulty with everyday functions like speaking, chewing and smiling.

    Individuals with dentures look older than their age, due to the changes that occur when teeth are lost. As the upper jaw shrinks up and back while the lower jaw bone shrinks down. These changes affect the way your dentures fit. The dentures settle down into the jawbone, and the teeth sink back into your face. Your chin is too close to your nose, and you lips disappear: giving you that typical “Denture Look.”

  • Dentures , The Forgotten Art

    Cosmetic Dentistry has revolutionized the way cosmetic dentists help to put a beautiful smile on each of their patients. When patients think of a cosmetic dentist, they generally think about getting veneers and looking like a movie star. Conversely, when most people think about getting dentures, they think of ill-fitting false-looking teeth.

    However with the latest advances in dental technology and progress in dental materials available today, there are cosmetic dentures that can look exceptionally natural and that are made of high quality material with better attention to detail so that they truly fit the mouth of the individual wearing them.

    Cosmetic dentures are essentially beautiful high-end premium dentures crafted by a cosmetic dentist. These superior dentures are made to look as real as possible using special acrylics. The objective is to completely fool other people into thinking you still have your natural teeth.

    Creating cosmetic dentures is a forgotten art. The teeth on most standard dentures are all lined up like a picket fence and often look unnatural, whereas . Premium dentures have slight variations in the shape and size of the teeth which is more natural and pleasing. The colour of most dentures teeth are mostly a simple white. Real teeth, even teeth that have been whitened, have slight dissimilarities in colour on different parts of the individual teeth.

    Natural Cosmetic Dentures
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    Cosmetic Denture Smile Design Process

    Most dentures today are simply an affordable solution to restoring teeth for patients with missing teeth. Thus, these dentures are usually fabricated in the quickest and simplest way. This process takes away all the customisation and characterisation of the teeth’s arrangement, position and even colours.

    We have our own in-House dental lab so that cosmetic dentures are created the same way we approach a full smile makeover, . Dr. Tehranian understands your smile is your personality. So he starts with records or models and digital photography of where you are today and record any photography you may have of how you used to look if you want that. Then, through imaging and or mock-up in your own mouth, we discover how you want to look. This sometimes takes an appointment or two and considerable laboratory work, but it is so important for the patient to see the end result before we start.

    The information he gathers is transferred to our master denture technician. Once the dentures are designed, they are sent back with the final teeth set on a wax base. You can try them on and see and feel the final arrangement, colour and bite. If any corrections need to be made, they are made on the spot as the teeth can be moved in the wax. Once the you are happy with their new cosmetic denture, the denture is returned to the master denture technician for final processing and fabrication.