• Anti-ageing Cosmetic Dentistry

    Anti-ageing Cosmetic Dentistry

    Dental face-lift or anti-ageing cosmetic dentistry is a pioneering new non-surgical technique, which promises to not only give you a perfect set of teeth, but also restructure the face to make it look up to ten years younger. Suitable for people who are looking to accept the ageing process, but are looking to use safe, non toxic procedures to minimize the signs of ageing.

    We do not look to hide the process of facial ageing but look to improve the appearance of the teeth, smile, and face wrinkles to give a healthier natural glow.

    Everyone knows that plastic surgery can reverse many of the facial signs of ageing with procedures that can be both painful and time-consuming. Less invasive alternatives such as BOTOX and dermal fillers can reduce wrinkles but are temporary. Here at Lane Ends Dental Implant Centre, Dr. Kaviani offers tailored Smile Transformations that are revolutionizing patient’s pursuit of youth, beauty, and self-esteem.

  • Teeth - Facial Structures - Ageing

    As we get older, skin loses elastin and collagen over time, creating wrinkles, sagging and a more hollowed-out look due to loss of cheek fat. As teeth age, they can shift, wear down—and sometimes even need to be removed. What most don’t think about is that the teeth support the lower third of the face, and over time, this support begins to collapse.

    This is where the cosmetic dentistry Smile Lift comes in, which essentially means changing the position of the teeth to a more favorable position that will provide the needed support to the upper lip. Think about it this way: the teeth serve as the foundation for the rest of the face.

    For example, a patient with collapsing teeth may elect to have a lip injection. While some fullness in the lip may be restored, this provides no support. Getting the teeth fixed restores harmony to the face and fixes the underlying issue.

    Anti-ageing Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Anti-ageing Dentistry

    Traditional Dental Procedures

    Dr Kaviani doesn’t use a traditional method of smile design like most other dentists because it only focuses on creating symmetrical teeth. This may not be right for every patient, and can actually have a reverse disharmonious effect. After a full facial assessment and mockups (trial smile) to show the patient what their smile will eventually look like, She sculpts the temporaries over the teeth, an uncommon step for most dentists.

    Artistic ability allows her to create these trial smiles, allowing patients to wear them and provide feedback before she finishes the veneers or the ceramic crowns. The ceramist will then create a line-for-line copy of her work to duplicate the temporary teeth into individual porcelain restorations.”

  • How to Reverse Ageing ?

    Keys to an Anti-Ageing Makeover are Colour, Size & Shape of the teeth , almost everyone has one or more imperfections in their individual teeth, but it’s the smile that counts when you view it as a whole. When you have teeth that are yellow or brown, worn down or crooked, it pulls the attention to your teeth and can instantly add few years to your appearance.

    By using unique smile design techniques that change the size and width of your teeth, Dr. Kaviani can achieve results that diminish the appearance of wrinkles around your mouth, plump up your lips, and brighten and perfect your smile without any surgery. Porcelain veneers, cosmetic orthodontics and all cosmetic ceramic crowns are utilized to transform the architecture of the facial features and the smile as a whole.

    Whiter teeth have always been associated with health and youth. Longer teeth and teeth that display translucent edges portray the “younger you” before your teeth were worn down. Studies have shown that displaying more teeth below your lip line when you speak and smile creates a happier more approachable appearance.

    Lengthening the teeth will rejuvenate the face in several ways and more teeth will be displayed when you smile and often the increased vertical dimensions offer a slimming effect on rounded facial shapes.

    Anti-ageing Dentistry