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Cosmetic Dentistry Revolution

Our aim is to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible and to set a new standard in individualised patient care. By incorporating the latest in modern technology, a transparent goal-oriented workflow and friendly service. we have everything needed to get you smiling time and again.

Dental Implants

A missing tooth can impair the function of your mouth, making eating, drinking, and speaking more difficult. From an aesthetic standpoint, a missing tooth not only leaves a gap in your smile but can also allow the surrounding teeth to shift position, eventually leading to functional bite issues.

When cosmetic dentist Dr. Tehranian replaces a missing tooth, he can do more than simply revitalize the beauty of your smile; he can restore the integrity of your bite, help you regain lost functionality, and prevent more costly repairs in the future. To do this, he utilizes dental implants.

Smile MakeOvers

Your smile is one of the first attributes noticed by those meeting you for the first time, and it can say a million things about your health, personality, and disposition.

Our smile makeovers will make certain you are never embarrassed to smile or freely laugh because of the way your teeth look.

Once diagnosed, we provide you with the necessary information and tools to make the best possible decisions regarding treatment and ultimately attain your dream result. Let our highly skilled and experienced cosmetic dentistry team design a custom-made smile makeover to suit your face.

Whole Body Dentistry

Whole-Body Dentistry represents a shift away from the traditional “mouth-only” orientation of dentistry, which is focused on oral hygiene, fillings, and extractions. This revolutionary view of dentistry helps us to recognize that issues in the mouth can trigger seemingly unrelated physical illnesses.

Understanding and implementing these concepts in our daily practice helps patients make better and more informed dental-treatment choices in order to achieve a higher level of health.

we are a holistic (mercury-free, mercury-safe, and minimal fluoride usage) dental practice located in Preston, Lancashire. We focus on making bio-compatible choices for our patients as well as educating patients so they can make informed decisions about their dental needs.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can be a great smile enhancement option for women and men seeking to correct a variety of perceived tooth imperfections. Composed of thin ceramic material, this cosmetic dentistry solution is bonded to the outside of the affected tooth or teeth, effectively hiding stains, minor misalignments, chips, gaps, and various other issues you may have with the appearance of your smile.

Our highly trained and skilled cosmetic dentists can custom-design porcelain veneers to match the exact colour and shape of your surrounding teeth, ultimately helping you achieve a beautiful smile with natural-appearing, long-lasting results.

Cosmetic Dentures

Tooth loss can affect more than just the appearance of your smile – it can also alter the way that you chew, eat, and speak. We offer different types of cosmetic dentures at our Preston clinic to provide patients who are missing most or all of their teeth with strong, natural-looking smiles. Our cosmetic dentists can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option and make recommendations for which denture will best suit your needs. They specialize in crafting the finest cosmetic dentistry real -looking dentures and placing them with the utmost care, keeping our patients’ health and safety as our top priorities.

Stress – Free Dentistry

We understand that you need to take care of your teeth to have a healthy happy life. We also understand that sometimes the thought of dentistry may cause some trepidation. For this reason, Dr. Kaviani and her entire cosmetic dental team have put in extensive effort to make your dental visits Stress-free. Voted Preston’s “Top Dentist” for over 20 Years, We welcome demanding patients because we demand more of ourselves. From the most thorough hygiene visit you’ll ever have, to sophisticated dental implant and cosmetic dentistry procedures, we always go the extra mile. As a result, people across Lancashire choose us.


While our main focus is on preventive care, we can also enhance the look of your smile cosmetically with minimally- invasive holistic treatments. Artistry and attention to details are essential in creating natural, attractive restorations. Many restorative techniques require time and patience in order to recreate the subtle nuances of colour and texture found in natural teeth.


We want to improve your smile with functionally strong teeth that resemble the beauty of your natural teeth. If you have cavities or have experienced decay, your teeth may need some form of restorative dentistry. Metal-free dentistry gives you the option to preserve the beauty of your natural teeth, while restoring the function of your bite.


Achieving a beautiful astonishing result depends on blending both the art and the science of cosmetic dentistry, using exacting standards of aesthetics and function. A beautifully restored smile should be functional and comfortable, with your teeth fitting together properly in a balanced bite.All our restorative work rests on a foundation of the scientific principles of oral health and function.

We Don’t Just Fix Teeth … We Offer Hope

Dr. Haide Kaviani is a cosmetic dentist that brings artistic proficiency and high quality expertise to our dental clinic in Preston , Lancashire, adding her special, instinctively caring touch to every designed smile. As a distinguished clinician and cosmetic dentist, she provides high quality, five-star dental treatment and care to all her clients with the utmost compassion and attentiveness to patients’ needs and concerns. As a woman, she offers a female perspective on issues of beauty and cosmetic enhancement, which is an invaluable gift that cannot be learned.

She will give you a “new reason to smile” with dental procedures designed to incorporate beauty, health, and function. For patients who are looking for a brighter, healthier smile, or a solution for missing, damaged teeth.

Dr. Kaviani offers a variety of general, cosmetic and rehabilitative procedures designed for adults and families. From a subtle cosmetic change to a complete smile transformation, Haide and her team of expert professionals can help all of her patients achieve a smile they will be proud to show off!