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    Meet Dr. Haide Kaviani

    Dr. Kaviani is committed to aesthetic dentistry and has been working since 1984 to provide patients with the best that dentistry has to offer. She believes that restoring a person’s smile and therefore appearance can be a life enhancing experience.

    “The most important thing is to listen to your patients”, says Dr. Kaviani “My goal is to help clients keep their smiles looking their very best and feeling their healthiest.”

    Dr. Haide Kaviani is unparalleled in the Northwest. She has earned praise from her patients, respect from her colleagues, and attention from local media. She sets herself apart from other dentists with her extensive knowledge of and expertise in cosmetic dentistry, much of which she acquired while attending the prestigious Warwick medical university and Kois Cosmetic education Center in Seattle United states.

    As a part of her commitment to continuing education, she received a Master’s degree in Implant dentistry in 2007. She has devoted herself to maintaining the high standard of clinical excellence that she has carried with her through every phase of her career.

    she is currently graduating from Kois research centre in Seattle after completing a 3 years Master’s course in advanced full mouth reconstruction and restorative dentistry.


  • Dental Artistry

    Dr. Kaviani combines an eye for aesthetics and design with technical skill and precision to create beautiful, radiant smiles for her patients. She has extensive advanced education in cosmetic, neuromuscular and reconstructive dentistry.

    As every patient is different, she takes pride in creating smiles that are unique and perfectly individualized for each patient. As a patient of Preston Cosmetic dentist Haide Kaviani, you can rest assured that you are entrusting the uniqueness of your smile and your oral health to one of the preeminent and most highly experienced dentists in Lancashire.

    Dr. Kaviani is continually exploring new ways to bring her patients the benefits of advanced dental care. This means updating her knowledge through continuing education, offering outstanding credentials, and constantly searching out the latest advancements in dental techniques.

    Dr Kaviani
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