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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is treatment based on the principle that dental care is for the whole person—the whole body, not just the mouth. Dr. Kaviani’s approach to dentistry is thorough and always looks beyond just your teeth.  It is a gentler approach to conventional dentistry, with a focus on avoiding materials and substances which are harsh or toxic to the body. This means (among many other things) we do not use any amalgam fillings. We know how important dental health is for your whole body. Oral health can give you solutions for your overall health.

Since 1997

Biological & Holistic Dentist

Through extensive personal research and continuing studies, Dr. Birrer, Dr. Marder, and Dr. Rubin have created a soothing and effective dental environment that encompasses wellness, treats the issues relating to oral health, while promoting balance for your whole system. Treatments in areas such as veneersdental implantspediatric dentistryTMJ painand more; are all completed at the highest level with key components encompassing natural philosophies. Nutrition, all play an integral role in our treatment philosophy.

Treating Causes, Not Symptoms

Our Holistic Natural Approach to Dentistry

Whole Person

Mercury Safe

Mercury Free


Dr. Kaviani has over 27 years of professional experience as a Holistic Dentist in Lancashire and has trained with some of the world’s most prominent holistic dentists. Patients often travel quite a distance to seek her care and expertise in biological and holistic dentistry. 

She is extremely passionate about her life’s work and is committed to the holistic dental health and well-being of each of her patients. By blending technology, knowledge, and wisdom, she and her team are able to offer you extraordinary natural dental care.

Holistic  Dental Services

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Being minimally invasive is a philosophy of preserving and protecting the teeth and gums by doing the least invasive procedure that will solve the problem. Some examples include:Using strong and long lasting biocompatible materials so that the tooth gets treated less times over your life. 

We use magnification and halogen lighting to improve vision so that only the diseased part of the tooth is removed. The quality of the dentist’s vision is directly linked to the quality of care.

Total Health Dentistry

The same blood that goes to your heart, lungs, brain and all other body parts also go to the mouth. Research is now showing that diseased gums is associated with heart problems, strokes, lung problems, osteoporosis, some cancers and low birth weight babies in women. I believe that in the future many more links to other diseases will be discovered. Improper alignment of the teeth can cause facial pain, toothaches, headaches and neck aches. Stress can cause us to clench and grind our teeth together, resulting in numerous dental and whole body challenges.

Some people are sensitive to components in dental fillings and crowns. Heavy metals such as mercury and nickel are often used in dentistry. The impact of mercury toxicity from our environment is a growing concern. That is why we choose to not use these materials in our dental practice.


Whether you grind your teeth while sleeping, or participate in sports, your teeth are at risk of damage. Wearing a mouthguard either at night or while practicing or playing a game helps protect them from trauma and lowers your risk of other problems. We offer night guards and sports guards for children and adults in Lancashire.  

Metal and Mercury Free

We use mercury and metal free tooth colored restorations to restore cavities and replace worn out fillings, utilizing all ceramic fillings, onlays, inlays, crowns, bridges and implants. Your dental health and well being are very important to us. By using biocompatible composite and porcelains, we eliminate mercury based amalgam and nickel containing crowns. We are very careful to protect you during the removal of amalgam or crowns so that you have the least exposure to these materials as possible.  Our practice uses a combination of a mercury vapor filter, Hepa filters, rubber dams and high speed suction to reduce exposure to mercury vapor and other chemicals.

Oral Cancer Screening

As part of our holistic approach to our patients’ health, we offer advanced cancer screening to help identify issues early on. In addition to the visual checks, we also use test that checks inaccessible areas of the mouth and can detect the risk of oropharyngeal cancer like throat cancer.

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