• General Dental Care

    We endeavour to provide the very best in general dentistry in conjunction with oral health treatments. This ensures your teeth and gums are in the best of health prior to cosmetic treatment and can be maintained in good health after treatment has been completed.

    We believe in providing expert, high quality and affordable preventive dentistry for your long term benefit. In other words, our aim is to help you achieve and maintain a happy, healthy smile and keep your teeth for life. Your dedicated dentist in Preston believes in the principal that prevention is better than cure, routine examinations helps us to ensure, patients are seen at the right time, so that we can monitor their dental health and provide the best advice to prevent any problem developing in the first place,

    general dentistry
  • Oral Exams

    Oral Exams

    Regular oral examinations give our dentists the chance to check up on your oral health and identify problems as early as possible. We use the latest technologies, including 3D Cone beam scanner  , Digital low radiation x-rays and Intra-oral cameras, to give you convenient, effective, and comfortable oral exams. We recommend at least two oral exams each year to check the health of your teeth and gums and isolate small problems before they become more serious.

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  • Routine Hygiene Appointments

    A professional dental cleaning uses advanced techniques to clean areas that might be easily missed with at-home oral hygiene routines. Teeth cleanings can go a long way toward preventing decay and gum disease, reducing the risks of serious problems developing down the road. As with oral exams, our dentists recommend at least two dental cleanings per year to help you maintain good oral health.

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    Routine Hygiene Appointments
  • Dental Sealants

    Dental Sealants

    Dental sealants are typically placed on the back teeth to give them an extra layer of strength and protection against cavities. Bacteria can be guarded against by placing the durable sealant material on the surface of the teeth, where it can bar harmful elements from working their way into small crevices. Sealants are a frequently performed treatment for children, providing them with a way to fight cavities for years to come.

  • Oral Cancer Screening

    Oral cancer is a life-threatening condition, making it very important to have regular screenings to identify abnormalities as early as possible. Our dentists can perform oral cancer screenings as part of your regular oral exam. Research has shown that the early diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer dramatically increases one’s chance of survival.

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    Oral Cancer Screening
  • Periodontal Care

    Periodontal Care

    Gum disease affects millions of people, and it will likely progress to very serious stages if left untreated. Our practice offers advanced, non-surgical gum disease treatment such as deep scaling and root planing to reduce bacteria and prevent gum disease from getting worse. We also use state-of-the-art laser dentistry techniques to provide patients with effective gum treatment in a precise, virtually painless way. Gum disease can lead to painful, bleeding, and receding gums, in addition to tooth loss and even overall health problems. We can help you reduce risks associated with periodontal disease and achieve the best gum health possible.

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