• full mouth reconstructions

    Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Sometimes multiple issues in the mouth require more than a few restorations to return the mouth to ideal beauty and function. Combining several procedures or treating every tooth is often needed to properly treat bite issues, advanced decay or periodontal disease, severe wear, or multiple missing teeth. Dr. Haide Kaviani has studied with the best educators to learn advanced techniques and has over 40 years of combined experience helping patients with full mouth reconstruction.

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  • Restore Full Health, Function and Beauty

    Dr. Kaviani can use a wide variety of non-invasive dental treatments to restore your teeth and smile, including dental bonding, splinting, gum treatment, or cosmetic dentures. The methods used will be determined after a rigorous, 50-point initial examination and a complete consultation in which Dr. Kaviani will explain your options to you, and tell you about his recommendations. Together, you and your cosmetic dentist will decide on a treatment plan that will restore your smile to full function and beauty.

    whole mouth reconstruction
  • full mouth reconstruction

    Comprehensive Dental Consultation

    If you are considering dental treatment to restore your teeth to good health and beauty, call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kaviani.

    Your initial consultation take about 60 minutes . It consists of a 50 - point comprehensive exam that includes everything from looking at your teeth and gums, to your bite and the way your whole mouth looks and functions as a whole.

    Before we plan your dental restoration treatment we want to know everything about the health and aesthetics of your smile, and, most importantly, what you want to achieve so that we can help you get the smile that you want

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  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure

    If you are in need of extensive dental work, Dr. Kaviani can competently handle even the most complex cases right in the convenient comfort of her dental practice in Preston. And every step of the way, thanks to her exacting techniques and practice, you will know exactly what to expect.

    With a complex case, Dr. Kaviani takes all your information and integrates it to come up with a plan that restores your mouth and your lifestyle.  A complex case would be where you may have a few teeth left over and want to put in restorations to rehabilitate your mouth or where you have all your teeth but they are misaligned or not working together properly, leaving you with chewing or speaking problems, or in pain.

    When your dental restoration is complete, Dr. Kaviani wants you to have a functional, pain free mouth and the beautiful, natural smile you’ve always wanted.

    full mouth rehabilitation