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    Dental Hygiene

    Dental hygiene begins at home with proper brushing and flossing, but good oral hygiene also requires regular dental visits.  Regular check-ups, and examinations, are a vital necessity for the basis of any preventative dental care plan.

    Even with the perfect oral hygiene routine you can still develop dental problems that you may not be able to spot by yourself. Here, we use special intra oral magnifying cameras so that we can visualise all the angles of your teeth and gums on a large screen.

    During your dental hygiene visits, we will examine your teeth thoroughly, and will meticulously clean, floss and polish your teeth.  X-rays may be taken to evaluate whether you are experiencing any decay or other dental problems, and an oral cancer screening will be done.  We will also instruct you on proper home dental hygiene routines.

  • Importance of Proper Dental Hygiene

    Effective dental hygiene is vital for keeping teeth and gums in a healthy condition. Maintaining good oral health makes a major contribution to enjoying a healthier and happier life.  Our experienced dental hygienist will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and maintain fresh breath.

    Plaque containing bacteria is always building up on teeth and along the gum line.  This plaque must be removed or it can harden into tartar and can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

    Healthy gums enhance the appearance of your teeth. When your gums become unhealthy, they can either recede or become swollen and red. In later stages, the supporting bone is destroyed and your teeth will shift, loosen, or fall out.

    dental hygiene
  • dental hygiene

    Maintaining Your oral Health

    A good dental cleaning is essential to maintaining your oral health. Even the most conscientious patient cannot reach every deposit of plaque that accumulates in the mouth with daily brushing and flossing.

    We encourage our patients to maintain good oral health by coming in for a thorough exam and cleaning twice a year. During your biannual general dentistry check-up, our friendly hygienists will gently yet thoroughly clean your teeth and treat your gums as needed with appropriate therapies.

  • Healthy Gums, Healthy Body

    Periodontal or gum disease is marked by red, tender, and swollen gums. Similar to high blood pressure, high cholesterol or obesity, research has shown periodontal disease is linked to the development of other very serious health conditions. These can include diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and respiratory diseases like pneumonia.

    Unhealthy gum tissue is the result of bacteria collecting near and below the gum line. By brushing your teeth, these bacteria may be introduced into the bloodstream, travel to other parts of the body, and exacerbate existing health conditions. As the tissue breaks down, teeth can loosen, shift, and eventually fall out. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to bone loss and infection of the jawbone.

    dental hygiene