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Kois Trained Dentist in Uk

Worldwide Education and Training


Creating a New Standard of Continuing Education

The Kois Center is the only continuing education program conducting and publishing independent research. Every course is updated each year based on new scientific evidence. 

Have you ever felt like other dentists aggressively promoted treatments that you may not have needed? Dr. Tehranian knows when it’s ok to watch and wait on conditions, depending on your smile goals. His vision is to provide options that fit your lifestyle, as well as your budget

Kois trained dentists are passionate about what they do.

They look forward to Monday. They love the work week and they love to work with their patients. It’s a different kind of dentistry. Everyone here is passionate about what they do or they wouldn’t be here. All we are trying to do is make them better so they are not just a good dentist, they are a great dentist.

Personalised compassionate Dentistry

We believe in a patient-centered approach to dentistry. No two patients are alike, and their treatment needs and expectations will reflect that uniqueness. For this reason, we create each treatment plan with the goal of fulfilling that individual patient’s needs. 

Serving Lancashire residents for 27 Years

Dr. Tehranian has a reputation for being an honest, dedicated dental practitioner. Not only has he been caring for Preston families for just over two decades, but he’s also well respected throughout the industry as a leader in cosmetic dentistry.

A New Standard Of Education

Why We Study At The Kois Center...

An important part of being a good dentist is continuing education. At Lane Ends Dental Practice Dr. Kaviani and Dr, Tehranian are always pushing for new information. Dentistry is an advancing science, and large strides have been and continue to be made.

The Kois Center is a platform for advanced studies with a clinical program for continuous dental advancement. Using a variety of the newest technologies and teaching modules enables both our cosmetic dentists to stay up-to-date on the evolution of dental materials and procedures, in order to simplify and provide the best treatments available to our patients.

Advancing dentistry through science and education

The Kois Center is an advanced clinical program for practicing dentists. The Center features a comprehensive nine-course curriculum with the latest advances in esthetics, implant and restorative dentistry. The curriculum is based upon the mission statement: “Enabling motivated dentists to achieve extraordinary levels, expanding knowledge and application skills in restorative dentistry.”

What is a Kois Center Graduate?

Graduates have completed all nine courses in the curriculum at the Center. Once students become graduates, they have the opportunity to attend an Annual Symposium. These individuals are integrity-based and committed to both their patients and education. Dentists who attend the Center seek evidence-based knowledge, willing to question their beliefs in pursuit of excellence.

Graduates have made a serious commitment to this rigorous curriculum—sacrificing time away from families, home and their practices—challenging themselves to be the best. To achieve this goal has required questioning of traditional standards and examination of strongly held beliefs under the light of published evidence.

Your Whole Health is Important to Us

Visiting Lane Ends Dental Practice is about promoting health, including vitality and beauty, in your mouth and your whole body.

At our holistic dental practice in Lancashire,  we are very good at what we do and we certainly do not try to do it all, therefore we work closely with a hand-picked group of like-minded specialists to provide our patients with a referral base we believe in.


We believe in honest, open, respectful conversation with our patients to ensure mutual understanding


We believe in supporting our patients to make informed choices that best suit their individual needs


We believe in providing excellence in our dental treatment and integrity in our relationship with our patients


We believe in staying current in our constantly growing field and passing our knowledge on to our patients


We believe in providing excellence in our dental treatment and integrity in our relationship with our patients


We care about your overall dental health. At Lane Ends Dental Practice, we exercise an integrated approach to dentistry with an emphasis on your overall health. Dr. Tehranian and his talented team of dental professionals offer the very best care and treatment available.

Under our guidance, every patient receives a custom-designed and personalized plan to foster optimum oral health. From the moment you enter our welcoming office, you’ll understand that teeth are just one part of the dental health equation.

Our patient-centric approach is all about nurturing a caring doctor-patient relationship for your health, your looks, and your life. For more information about your dental health or dentistry and overall health at Lane Ends Dental Practice, please contact us on 01772 – 726932

Dentist Fees in Lancashire

We Help Our Patients

If you’re looking for optimal dental health, feeling completely comfortable and understood, having a detailed and comprehensive plan that you choose, and exceptional treatment in state-of-the-art surroundings, then we are the office for you.



  • Keep their teeth for their lifetime
  • Minimize emergencies and problems
  • Create beautiful smiles and well-fitting restorations
  • Deliver gentle, clean and comfortable treatment

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide you an option for a permanent solution to fill gaps in your smile. Lancashire dental implant dentist Dr. Tehranian’s cutting-edge techniques minimize trauma.

Patients consistently comment that the procedure was easier than their last filling. Dental implants are a comfortable and reliable solution to tooth loss that look, feel, and act like natural teeth. You’ll love the strength and confidence these dental implants provide.

Advanced Restorative

Dr. Kaviani is an expert in the field of advanced, full mouth reconstruction. If you have extreme damage to your teeth or are missing all or most of your teeth, Dr. Haide Kaviani can help.

She has the experience needed to restore your smile to its dazzling shape. As a graduate Koic Center Cosmetic and Restorative dentist , she is well trained and skilled in advanced procedures to recreate your beautiful smile.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Your teeth affect your whole body. When they’re healthy, you’re healthier too. A missing tooth can affect your bite, speech and eating choices. As you rely more on your remaining teeth, you increase the chance they will wear out prematurely, or be damaged or lost. You may also experience headaches and/or jaw pain.

Who would want their appearance and health to deteriorate? That’s the natural consequence of missing teeth – the jaw literally melts away. Generally, people will lose 25% of their supporting jawbone structure within the first year after tooth loss. Dental implants are more easily placed when teeth are first extracted because bone replacement becomes more complex as time passes. The great news? Implants act just like your natural teeth. They safeguard and preserve your bone structure, oral health and appearance


Restore chipped  and Cracked Teeth

Dental bonding is an alternative to teeth veneers and can be used as a restorative procedure for teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored or misarranged.

The tooth is prepared for dental bonding by lightly etching the surface and applying a bonding liquid. Once the liquid sets, a plastic resin is applied and sculpted into the desired shape. Once set, the resin is trimmed, smoothed and polished to a natural appearance.

Gum Health

Healthy gums are an important part of overall health. Gum disease is linked to other health concerns, including diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. Make an appointment with us to examine your condition and begin gum treatment as needed.

Your gums, ligaments and jaw bones provide the foundational structure for your teeth. These areas are called the periodontium. In the same way that a poor foundation could damage a house, when the periodontium is unhealthy, the health of your teeth is also put into jeopardy.