Gaps in your teeth can be due to infrequent spacing between the teeth, having unusually small teeth, or because of missing teeth.  There are a number of ways to correct this including orthodontic treatment with braces to move the teeth and close the gaps, composite bonding, porcelain veneers or crowns. Where there are large gaps because of missing teeth, then tooth replacement with dental implants or bridgework is the preferred solution.

If the space between the teeth is relatively small, we would recommend fixing it with tooth bonding. With tooth bonding, the tooth surface is roughened slightly and composite is placed on the tooth and shaped and coloured by the cosmetic dentist. The procedure can be completed in about an hour or so, and it looks absolutely natural, there is no grinding away of the tooth.

As this technique is very dependent on the skills and the competence of the dentists, it is especially important to have it done by an expert cosmetic dentist. This work is done freehand, and requires artistry, a strong knowledge of composite bonding materials, and meticulous attention to detail.

Unlike porcelain veneers or dental crowns that are made of porcelain that has to be baked in an oven by a dental laboratory, teeth bonding is applied directly to the tooth and cured to its final hardness, with a light. In order to help the composite bond to the tooth, the tooth is prepared by lightly roughening the area to be repaired, then the surface of the tooth is etched, a thin, clear bonding agent is applied, and then the composite is applied.

Dental composites are made to a paste-like consistency so that they can be sculpted to the proper shape. They contain different pigments that can be matched to your tooth colour, and they also come in varying degrees of translucency and are usually made so that they can be polished to a high gloss.

With careful artistry, composite can be used to realistically mimic the colour details and translucency of your tooth, and polished to a beautiful shine.

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